About us

Our studio was established in September 2020. The name of the studio comes from the name of one of the founders. The studio was founded by three people, but only two of us remained. We strive to create the best mobile games and applications. We hope you will stay with us for longer!

Our Games

Car Factory 2

Step into the shoes of a car enthusiast in Car Factory 2: Junkyard Tycoon! Buy and restore cars, purchase parts, conduct inspections, and sell for profit. Negotiate, refuel, earn coins in mini-games, and establish your very own dealership.


PCsim offers two game modes. The first is free building, where the player can freely build his dream computer. The second mode is the career mode, where you play as computer science and repair or assemble computers. PCsim simulation game is an alternative to the game "PCBS".

Car Factory

Make cars! Sell ​​them yourself or give the project to someone else! Take part in numerous auctions! In this game you can design cars, prepare them for sale and decide whether you want to cover production costs yourself or transfer the car design to another seller.

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