The new Playground mode is now available! Official premiere of the new mode

We want to announce that the long awaited "Playground" game mode is finally here!

How is Playground different?
The Playground mode is mainly distinguished by the fact that many things are done in 3d graphics and that you can install the puki server system only in this mode!

How to start play?
Start by selecting and moveing your pc case and router to the desk.
Turn on the router by clicking on
it, optionally you can change its configuration, click on the computer casing and select components.
Click on the monitor and install the system, choose whether the system should be server or client.
After selecting the server you will be able to e.g. create your own domain!

What will be in the future?
In the future, we plan to unlock access to the second desk, it will be possible to buy it, we will also unlock the door to the second room where you can sell your computers!

We hope you enjoy the mode ;)
Adiomi Games team